Barre Class and all things Fitness


As a thirty something, I feel as though there are certain things everyone my age talks about. Exercise is most certainly one of them. I think this is because around the age of 26, it gets harder and harder to eat a whole pizza and not have it go right to your thighs. Our metabolism is slowing down and it shows! I have a love hate relationship with exercise. I hate the part when I have to start. I often find myself on the couch saying, “at 5:15 I will put my sneakers on and run” At 5:16 I then say to myself, “ugh I missed it. Ok at 5:30 I will go run.” Typically around 6:00 I finally drag myself to go run and as I am doing it, I feel great! Now when I say run, what I really mean is a pretty serious power walk all while embodying one of Beyonce’s talented backup dancers. This is one of the many reasons I do not like going to gyms. I prefer to work out in the privacy of my home. I do not like people getting a free performance of, “Single Ladies.” I do not like someone telling me I cannot be on a machine for more than a certain amount of time. I do not like that some people take working out so incredibly seriously. I mainly do it for the stress relief and also so I can have an extra cookie with my tea at night. I never used to have a set routine. I typically worked out when I felt like I needed to. I recently discovered barre class though and it has changed my outlook on exercise.

I am your pretty average woman. I have an hourglass figure and am about a size 8. I do not consider myself to be overly skinny but not overly fat either. I am actually pretty happy with my body except for when I am PMS-ing. I started going to barre class with a friend about 6 months ago. Barre class is basically a mix of pilates and ballet inspired exercises. You either use light weights or your own body weight and do very small movements and holds. That by no means makes it easy. DO NOT underestimate the length of one minute when in Barre class! When you are in a squat and told to pulse up and down an inch for one minute, it truly feels like an eternity in hell sometimes. That being said, I am obsessed with it! Reasons I love Barre class:

  1. It is exactly one hour long and offered twice a night. So If I cannot get off my couch, there is always a second class. Also, I know what to expect and when I will be finished.
  2. Although I am not “losing,” weight, my body is definitely changing. My arms, abs and stomach are more muscular and my butt….oh lord my butt! In a world obsessed with all things Kardashian my butt has gotten rounder, plumper, bigger!
  3. I am not lifting weights in a gym. These are exercises that are super simple to do all while listening to current chart topping songs (Hey Beyonce!). The thought of going to the gym and picking things up and putting them back down again bores me to tears. Class usually flys by and is over just about when I want to die.

So what is your exercise of choice? Have you ever tried Barre? My next adventure may just be TRX. I am scared, so so scared!


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