The Dark Side of Spandex

This post is meant to be humorous so if you are not in the mood to chuckle that is fine. This blog is for 30 somethings so there is plenty of other content you can read to depress yourself.

When I think about my mother I think of the classiest women I know. She reminds me of a Jackie O type. When she was my age she had 4 kids, a beautiful home, was always done up, always had dinner on the table at 5:00, always on top of everything. Compared to her I feel so incredibly lazy and selfish. Is it our generation? I never once saw my mom in yoga pants and I have no clue how she did it! How do you chase kids and keep your house clean without the assistance of spandex?! There are some Sundays when I know my house needs to be cleaned but I also know that I need to catch up on my naps and Law and Order reruns. If I don’t, how am I ever going to make it through the grueling work week? Still to this day, my mom does not sit down. It is probably why she is so skinny. She is always cleaning or folding or washing or babysitting or running errands or cooking. I know I work a full time job but at least my job ends at a certain time. She is like the energizer bunny. Sometimes I am embarrassed to have her over because my home is not nearly as spotless as hers and I have no children. There really is no excuse for my behavior except…maybe I am just lazy. Maybe I just do not have the same work ethic as generations past.  Or maybe the invention of spandex has destroyed us and all future generations to come.

Am I the only one who struggles to maintain the work/home balance? Any tips on having enough energy to get it all done?


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