My face hates me

Ok, I seriously thought I had lucked out. I thought I had won the teenage lottery. I never had acne. I rarely even got a zit. My skin was beautiful growing up. Then BOOM! My mid 20s hit and my face was a war zone! It is finally starting to settle down only after trying hundreds of face care products!  I have noticed that my skin, in general, has changed with age. I do not have wrinkles really. It is more the texture of my skin. It is much drier than it used to be. I break out on my chest and face more often. Zits do not clear up like they used to either. I am left with red splotches where I previously had a zit and usually I will continue to get a zit in the exact same place. So here is how I have been combating it as of lately and it seems to be working. That in now way means it will work for you! But if you are experiencing similar skin issues as I described then maybe give it a try and let me know how it works!

For Christmas my mom bought me Clinique face wash too that I am excited to try! If you can recommend anything else (I mean anything) please do! I literally have and will try anything.


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