Target is my downfall

What is it about Target? Do they use some sort of hypnotic lighting? I don’t know about you, but Target is very calming to me. My favorite time to go is late on a Friday night when no one is usually there. I like to get myself a big guy cup of tea (I don’t agree with those Starbucks names) and walk around in the peace and quiet. I also am a huge fan of their savings. My mom thinks I am ridiculous whenever I whip out my cartwheel app and insist she use is. “What am I saving, two bucks?” Uh damn right you’re saving two bucks and it adds up! *DISCLAIMER: Target isn’t paying me but they totally should. Maybe my next career will involve wearing red and khaki. What is the discount like anyway for employees? Moving on. This past year alone, using my target debit card (which is the smartest thing ever in life) I have saved OVER two hundred dollars. I don’t even know how much my cartwheel app has saved but it adds up, trust me. The big thing is, even without these discounts I would still shop at Target because it literally has everything I need in one store. Groceries, check. My eight hundredth candle, check. Tea cups, check. Nail polish, check. Actually, the more I create this list, the more I realize I love Target. I know for a fact that I am not the only one. What is your favorite thing about Target and why are we all so obsessed with it?


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