It doesn’t all suck

I know I rant a lot about how bad the thirties are but seriously I wouldn’t trade them for anything (especially the 20s). My 20s were ROUGH! The only thing I miss was going out dancing and I don’t even have the energy for that anymore. For me, I think the 20s were filled with a lot more uncertainty and chaos. It involved a lot of moving, changing jobs, continuing school, etc. It also involved a lot of financial insecurity. I am happy to say that the 30s are a time of more security. Something I very much enjoy in my 30s is having a little extra spending money. I have decided to use this responsibly and invest in clothes. My style has not really evolved that much. I have never gotten into the trendy styles. I have never owned a crop top and you will never catch me in a choker. What has changed is the quality of my clothes. I still shop the sale rack (I’m looking at you Loft with your ridiculous $50 blouses). I just shop at higher quality stores and ya know what? It feels good! I like that I can splurge a little on myself after a long week of work and I do not have to worry about my bills being paid. I can go get a manicure for a special occasion and the world isn’t going to end. It actually helps me to relax more knowing that I can afford the little things that I like. So, if you are in your 20s just know that it gets better. If you are in your 30s and are in this sweet spot in life, how do you treat yourself? What is it that you enjoy splurging on?


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