Grown up Flu

The grown up flu is worse than a little kid flu. They are quite similar except that when you get the grown up flu, you are still expected to do grown up tasks such as checking work email when you are home and keeping the house semi-clean. I am a thirty something and still want my mom when I am sick. I want my mom to put the sheet over the couch so it is nice and chilly and I want her to make me toast and a cup of tea. I also do not want work to call me if I take a sick day. I want to sleep all day without any adult responsibilities. I cannot imagine being a mom and catching the flu! What happens in this scenario? I remember my mom being sick once in my entire life. The house all but burnt down. My dad had no idea how to turn on an over and I think we may have started re-wearing dirty clothes. Women are basically the oil that keeps the machine running. That is why the grown up flu is so bad. Even if you take a day or two to sleep, the machine has broken down and someone is going to have to fix it. Any guesses who that person is going to be?


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