I think reading is incredibly underrated nowadays. I love to read but do not get to do it nearly as much as I would like. I have some pretty serious thoughts about reading. I refuse to read on a tablet or nook or fire or whatever you crazy kids are using now. I also refuse to use libraries. I like to own my books. I also won’t usually start a book unless I can finish it that same day. I just need to know what happens! I don’t typically read new authors. I like to stick to a set of characters I like and read the series. Unfortunately, many of my favorite authors cannot write as fast as I can read (work on that please). I thought I would share a list of my favorite authors for those of us who still find reading enjoyable.

  1. Jonathon Kellerman: I really just like the Alex Delaware series. I like psychological thrillers or anything involving the mind. Alex Delaware is a psychologist that assists the police department.
  2. Mary Burton: All about police work with a side of romance. Each book I have read pairs up some sort of psychologist with a police love interest. It sounds cheesy but the murders are super creepy.
  3. Karin Slaughter: murder, murder, murder and with a name like that would you expect anything less? She is probably the creepiest writer I have encountered and I can never figure out all the twists! I like the Will Trent series and I honestly have a crush on him!

Since I get to read so infrequently, those are typically the authors I reach for on the bookshelf. As you can see, I have a common theme. Are there any psychological thrillers you can recommend?



  1. I actually have the first Alex Delaware novel. I haven’t read it. I also have several Will Trent novels. I like him and Karin Slaughter. Beyond Reach is the one I’m on for her. I think that might be in her Grant County series, I’ve had it on my TBR list forever.


    1. Yes I think that is one of the Grant County ones. I do like Sarah but I can’t really get into the other characters. I have a bunch on my TBR list. There is a new one I am going to try called, “Brain on Fire.” It is a true story of how a girl got sick and ended up in the psych ward.


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