Essie Gel Topcoat

I have to start off by admitting that I am a former nail biter. To say I now have OCD about my nails is the understatement of the century. I do everything in my power to keep my nails looking long and beautiful because it took me forever to break the habit of biting. I own every single nail product available and I feel prettiest when my nails are painted. I recently bought the Essie Gel Topcoat and it is a GAME CHANGER!!! I need 3 more bottles. Typically a regular at home manicure lasts me about 1-2 days. A salon manicure might make it to 4. A gel manicure only ever lasts me max 10 days (which I don’t think is worth the money). I am always looking for a great polish with staying power. I used this topcoat on top of regular polish and so far all of my at home manicures have lasted anywhere from 5 -7 days! I can only imagine how long it would last over an Essie Gel color polish. If you do not own this, go out and get it. I promise you it is worth the money (I know, I have bought it all).


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