Gluten Free Living

When I first was diagnosed with Celiac’s I hated going to restaurants. I felt so uncomfortable asking if they had a gluten free menu so I always got salad (no croutons). How sad, right. There are more and more restaurants offering gluten free options but do not be fooled! Some of them simply hand you a “gluten free” menu filled with chicken and salads. Well duh, I could have figured that out. When I go out to eat, I want things I cannot normally have. I want OPTIONS! So I have compiled a list of some of my favorite restaurants that offer actual gluten free food.

Not Your Average Joe’s: This wonderful restaurant is mainly located up and down the east coast and has quickly become my absolute favorite! They offer gluten free rolls with olive oil and Parmesan dipping sauce. They offer many gluten free options that are also included on the regular menu so you do not feel weird (jambalaya, spaghetti squash, salmon, sandwiches, etc.). The best part….they even offer dessert!!! And its not just ice cream. They have cakes! I also find them to be reasonably priced. My boyfriend and I can go to get appetizers and an entree for about $60.

Ruby’s Diner: These seem to be located in a lot of different states all over so check to see if there is one near you. They offer breakfast which is limited to eggs for us gluten free folks. They do offer gluten free bread and buns though and their fries are gluten free. I typically get a chicken sandwich and fries which is always better than salad.

Olive Garden: While I am still patiently awaiting gluten free breadsticks, I do love that they offer different pasta choices. I often times can enjoy salad, soup and a gluten free pasta dish and not feel weird because that is usually what everyone orders at Olive Garden.

Those are my personal favorites as they offer more than just meat and veggies. What are some of your recommendations for those with allergies?


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