I would never post a picture of my teeth before because they were honestly such a hot mess. Growing up I literally had two rows of teeth. I originally went for braces in 5th grade. The orthodontist said he could fix it without pulling any teeth. He created gaps and tried to pull my teeth into place. It did not work. They were never straight and he basically told me that was the best it was going to be.  I no longer had two rows of teeth but they were, by no means, one line. In recent years, my new dentist has repeatedly mentioned invisalign. I saved and saved and finally started last February. Saying it was the best decision of my life is the understatement of the century! I love everything about the invisalign process.


  • No one ever notices them. When I first got them, I was sure they were super noticeable. I was just waiting for people to point it out to me and ask what was wrong with my teeth. Not one person did.
  • I change them at night so they never really hurt or give me any discomfort.
  • I do not have to go to the dentist every single month. I typically only have to go for a check up and to pick up more trays every 6-8 weeks.
  • You notice a change very quickly. I still have about 15 trays left and I already feel like my teeth are straight.


  • The cost: My invisalign cost about $5,000. My dentist did work with me and offered me a lot of great deals. Insurance paid $1,000. My dentist offered me discounts for paying in full. In the end, I owed about $3,000. I absolutely think it was worth it but it was a hassle. My dentist also offered financing both via a credit card and through the office. Monthly payments would have been between $150-$200 a month.
  • At first, I was self-conscious about having to take my invisalign out to eat. I would excuse myself to go to the bathroom to take them out before meals. Now, I don’t even care. I take them out in front of everyone and put them back in without a care in the world. This is no longer a con. You get used to it.

That’s it. That’s all I can think of. I honestly am thrilled with the results so far, I cannot wait to see the final results.


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