Things Kids Say Pt. 2

In light of it only being Wednesday and it being a crazy week, I know I certainly need a laugh so here are some laughs for you as well. Crazy stuff kids say, Part 2:

Student: “Ya know what I don’t like about you, you’re just so damn perky. Why are you always so god damn happy?” 

One student used to go around telling everyone I was pregnant. Whenever they would respond, he would say “SIKE, her just fat!”
Ms. J I’m glad you brushed your hair, you were looking a little wolfin yesterday

Bye Ms. J, make good choices!

Student: I don’t wanna go back to class with those annoying girls
Me: well whattaya wanna hang out with me for, I’m an annoying girl
Student: Ms J you’re not an annoying girl……(I’m about to say thank you) you’re an annoying LADY!

I always call my kids at school my kids, so one says today, “so you’re like my school mom…ew gross man” 

Grading papers, I came across this writing sample, “I waved to my family from the bus as I smacked a dildo on the window.”

Student: Ms. J are you married?

Me: Why do you want to know about my personal life?

Student 2: Cuz he wants to know if he got a shot with you!

Don’t worry Ms. J, its just babyfat. You’ll grow out of it.



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