The one thing I won’t leave the house without

I like to think I have been ahead of the trends most of my life. I say this because I have been filling my eyebrows in since about middle school. I am very fair skinned with blonde hair and green eyes. My eyebrows are very very blonde and looks like I hardly have any. I am not gonna lie and say they looked great back then (middle school woes) but nonetheless, I have gotten a lot of practice since then! I will leave the house in sweats and no makeup but I will ALWAYS have my eyebrows filled in. Here are my two favorite brands:

  1. ELF in taupe: This pencil is only $2 and is a good everyday pencil. It is waxy, yet soft enough to feather in some hair lines. I like that it is cheap enough to use daily. I have even been known to use it at night before bed and it is still on the next morning with only minimal smudging. Also, this one is easy to find. I have found it at Target, Walgreens, Christmas Tree Shoppes, etc. They also offer free shipping online with a certain price point.
  2. IT cosmetics universal shade: This is the creme de le creme of eye brow pencils for me. It is more expensive ($12 for a mini size) but also lasts much longer. I like to use this for special events or in the summer time because it doesn’t smudge as much. It also has a slanted tip so it goes on really nicely and looks like natural hair strokes if done properly.  It is a harder wax so I like to use a lighter stroke otherwise it looks very fake.  I have only been able to find this one at Ulta or online.

What is the one thing you won’t leave the house without?


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