Global Warming?

Ya know who loves snowdays more than little kids? TEACHERS! Considering it has been 50 degrees for most of December and January, I am a firm believer in global warming. I need mother nature to get her act together. Here is why snow days are the epitome of a reward…

When a teacher gets sick, it is literally more work to call out sick then it is to suck it up and go to work. We need to upload out lesson plans, all the worksheets, any other materials/printables. We need to include directions on where to find things in the room, any behavior management tools we use (point sheets, behavior charts, token economies, etc), the schedule, the seating chart, etc. I am 100% not joking when I say that it is more work to stay home. When a snow day comes, I am already prepared. I have made lessons for that day. I can keep those lessons for the next day! I get to enjoy a day at home with no work obligations. I don’t have to worry if my class is being well behaved or if the sub is actually following the plans. I get to actually have one blissful day of relaxation (sidenote: I apologize to teachers who have children. I am not there yet so my snow days consist of hot cocoa and netflix. #sorrynotsorry). So mother nature better get it together because I am in NEED of a snow day. February and March are extremely long months with very little planned days off in the calendar.


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