How do I explain Trump?

I try to stay out of politics as much as possible. Teaching has made that quite difficult as of lately. As I have said before, I teach emotional support. This means that my kids lack social skills . They say inappropriate things at inappropriate times and this often leads to fights. I am responsible for teaching daily social group lessons and also teaching social skills, “in the moment.” This by no means implies my kids are, “dumb.” They often miss a lot of instruction because they are kicked out of typical classrooms. They are very street smart though and they know what is going on around them. The problem I have been having as of lately is the response to my social skills lessons. For example, when we have a lesson on bullying. The classroom erupts into debates about, “Well why is the president allowed to make fun of people but I’m not?” When I do lessons about including others and being accepting of differences, I am hit with responses like, “Why do we gotta include everybody if Trump just gonna build a damn wall?”  Teaching is about a lot more than teaching reading and math. We are teaching kids to function in society. We are trying to combat inner city violence and racism. How are we supposed to, “raise,” kids to be role models in society when they are exposed to this kind of hate and bullying? I honestly don’t have any answers. Why is it ok for the president to make inappropriate comments about people but my students receive recess detention for doing the same thing? It is disheartening to say the least. Does anyone have any suggestion on what to say to my kiddos?



  1. Good question–you wanna know what to say to kiddos about those things? I’d like to know myself, but from their responses, it seems like they were angry and hurt about what Dump’s been saying. So, maybe you can find a way to work with that, to let them know that hearing those things hurts, so why would you willingly hurt someone else? After all, how many people gush over Dump when he’s acting like (what Bill Maher appropriately calls) a “Whiny Little Bitch”? I don’t see people standing up proudly defending Dump as he tweets his nasty comments, and I don’t see many who like him as a human being, just his representation of change.

    If they want to be liked, they gotta play it nice and appropriate. You don’t get true respect when you act like Dump,

    I can’t think of another way to put that (a night wrangling with tutoring kids who couldn’t stop farting–must be a national etiquette lesson in the works somewhere).


    1. That is actually the kind of approach I have taken. We have been doing a lot of skits about keeping inappropriate comments in your head. They can have an opinion but if they want friends, they sometimes have to keep those opinions in their heads. As with most ED kids, it sticks for about 5 minutes then they are back to behaviors.

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