Traditional vs Online Classes

As a teacher I am required to keep up with my school credits. The easiest way to do this is by going back to school to get things like a master’s degree or a master’s plus. For undergraduate school I went to a traditional state college. I lived in the dorms and walked to different buildings for classes. I had the typical MWF or T-TH schedule and even had some 3 hour night classes. For my master’s degree, I was working full time and decided to give online school a try. I have thoughts on both.

Traditional School: I liked this for undergraduate school mainly for everything but school. I think everyone should live away from home at some point. It teaches you to be considerate of others. I knew I couldn’t stay up late if my roommate had a final the next day and I knew I couldn’t leave dirty dishes in the sink because that was not fair to her. As an adult, I have been able to tell when I meet someone, if they lived away from home with a roommate. Traditional schools are similar to a high school set up but students just have to be more responsible and make it to class.

Online School: There is no way I could have gone to online school for my bachelor’s degree. I was just not mature or responsible enough at the age of 18 to make sure all my work was done. Online school is great for people who are more independent and like to work on their own schedule. The teacher basically provides you with the readings, powerpoints, videos, etc. and it is your responsibility to use them or not. There were some classes that I ignored everything and just did the work (as they were similar to classes I had taken in the past). There were other classes where I struggled because it is a hard subject for me (I’m looking at you math). There were times when I did assignments at 2am on a Friday night so I had no work over the weekend. There were times when I did a little bit of work throughout the weekend so I didn’t have to worry about it after work during the week. You really have to manage your own schedule and get it completed when it is convenient for you. I also loved that there was no travel time and I didn’t have to be somewhere at a specific time. I did have to commit to setting aside the time to work but it could change weekly.

Now that I am grown and work full time, I will always stick to online schooling. They just make it too easy to work from home! I work well independently and enjoyed the flexibility. I know some people do not feel they have enough self control to set their own schedule. What do you think about online school and its growing popularity?


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