Testing Me to Death

Today we had practice state testing for the kids. Let me just explain the ridiculousness to you….

  1. I teach emotional support. Many of the kids in emotional support have ODD (oppositional defiant disorder). This basically means that they will make an argument out of basically anything and if they don’t want to do something, they will just say, “eff it, I’m not doing it.” They will dig their heels in and refuse. They like power struggles.
  2. I teach emotional support. Due to other issues or missing excessive amounts of class due to behaviors, many of my kids are grade levels behind. Prime example, I have a 7th grade student who is in my 3rd grade math group. The reason: He used to refuse to even enter a school. It took years to get him to just sit in a classroom and years more to get him to actually do any work. So he is behind.
  3. Kids are required to take tests on their grade level (not their functioning level). So that 7th grade student…he has to take a 7th grade test. Even though all of our data shows that he is functioning on a THIRD grade level. Think about that for a minute. You already have behavior issues, you are easily frustrated, you are defiant, you say eff it to most things in life….and you have to take a test that is four grade levels above your functioning level. This is one of the many reasons I come home and cry after work.

So I had a student who said, “I’m done.” after 2 minutes. I asked if he was done number 1 and he said, “No, I’m done the test.” All 56 questions…in 2 minutes. I asked if he tried his best and he said, “No, I picked A.” He picked A 56 times.

Now in a few weeks, the teachers are going to have to evaluate the data. And they are going to say to me, “Ms. J, little Bobby doesn’t understand basic addition. You should tailor your instruction so that little Bobby doesn’t fall behind even further. You need to find time to teach him how to add.” Meanwhile, little Bobby is just an asshole and picked A 56 times.

Can someone explain this to me? I call bullshit.



  1. Money, money, money–they’re really not interested in helping the kids, they’re all about making sure the test makers and textbook publishers get their money. It’s ridiculous to expect someone to take a test four levels ahead of where they really are. Gah! I HATE standardized testing.

    I’m trying to figure this out myself, and maybe you know: other than textbook and test makers, who the hell actually thinks standardized tests are a good idea? I can’t figure it out. All those lawmakers need to go undercover into schools to see what the kids are doing and see them and their teachers in action. They’d probably be a pale mess by lunch.

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    1. I always say that I would LOVE to switch places for a day with someone in politics. They would get one desk thrown at them and run away before 9am! It breaks my heart to see these kids work so hard just to get told they failed again. If someone gave me a calculus test I would clearly fail it because it is above my level. It is really mind boggling. I’ve worked at enough places to know it really is all about money.

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