My New Obsession

My mom likes to buy new food just to try it. I used to think this was crazy because if you don’t like it, that’s a huge waste of money and a waste of food. Now that I am older and wiser, I think it is genius! She discovers so many great new foods. I, in turn, go through her pantry and discover new foods, for free! It has become one of my favorite past times.

I was over there a few weekends ago and I saw Nature Valley Granola Cups in her cabinet. I was intrigued. I am a huge fan of granola bars and protein bars. I love food that you can eat on the go. I am also addicted to cookies. I need something small and sweet to have at night with my tea. I grabbed a pack to try. I am now officially hooked!

You get two little cups in each package for 180 calories. Two is actually the perfect amount for a light snack.  I bought the almond butter ones. I think they are a little sweeter than peanut butter. The bottom of the cup is reminiscent of pie crust made out of granola. Think of an original crunchy nature valley bar but it doesn’t fall apart as easily. The middle is filled with almond butter and topped with pieces of almonds. It isn’t as sweet as a cookie, but it is more of a dessert than a granola bar. It is the perfect mixture! Seriously, Nature Valley if you want to partner up, you can totally send me free granola cups for life. In return, I will….eat them in front of people and brag about how wonderful they taste (Sorry, not a sharer).


Check them out and let me know what you think. I bought mine at Target for $3.59 (5 packages)


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