Game Changer

My mom and I are nothing alike. She is quiet and organized. I am loud and a mess. She is short and itty bitty super skinny. I am not as short and super curvy. She has almost black hair. I have blonde hair. There are two things I have inherited from my mom though…terrible cramps and incredibly stinky armpits (thanks A LOT). I have tried every deodorant under the sun. I feel like for the past year or so I have settled because…well…this is the best it has ever been. I am not in love with my deodorant and I do not think it is fantastic but it works better than anything else. I get unscented but by the end of the day I still smell like a mix of baby powder and funk.  I also had noticed that I get lumps in my upper breast area. The doctor told me that it is from my deodorant. I use such a strong brand that it actually blocks my pores and causes lumps. Now, this scares me. You would think my doctor would be a bit more concerned about the chemicals I am applying to my body, but no. Apparently, its not a big deal. I have tried all natural, organic deodorants in the past and was not impressed. I recently saw and article with the top 10 best deodorants in the country. The number one spot belonged to a deodorant I had never even heard of before, Native. I kind of shrugged it off and thought, :”How good can it be if I have never even heard of it?” I decided to click the link though and read up on it. It is all natural, no aluminum or parabens.  They offer a money back guarantee and everyone raves about it. It is also cheaper than the deodorant I was currently using. The biggest claim it made was that you could wear it all day long, go to the gym and still come home at the end of the day and not smell. I think I bought it almost just to prove them wrong. How dare they might such an outlandish claim! I can’t even make it to lunch without smelling disgusting. So I bought it. It says that you should use it for 2 weeks for best results, as to give your old junk time to get out of your system I guess. I have now used it for two days. TWO DAYS AND I AM IN LOVE!!!! It is mainly just different types of oils. I have no idea how it works so good but it is a game changer. I got unscented and it truly is unscented. There is no weird baby powder smell. My clothes don’t get weird stains on them or feel funny from leftover residue. The best part….I literally can wear it all day, go to barre class…AND STILL DO NOT STINK!!!!! I’m hooked. I want to buy stock in the company. I need a lifetime supply. This is coming from a girl who has tried prescription deodorant before and was not impressed. Miracles do happen. Seriously, go try this stuff. It will change your life. It is number one for a reason.

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