FMLA…or as I like to say FML

I recently came across this video:

See a 260-Week-Pregnant Woman Manage Her Workday (So Many Bathroom Trips!) in PSA for Paid Maternity Leave

It is about the disgusting fact that America does not offer paid maternity leave to women. The video is lightheartened and pokes fun at the fact that a woman has chosen to keep her child in-utero until the age of 5 because she cannot afford to stay home for the delivery. The sad thing is that this is a geniune fear for a lot of women. I think about it a lot and the more I think about having kids in the future, this is a real concern. I have a savings (although extremely tiny) and I can currently afford to pay all my monthly bills but things are still tight. I cannot afford to be out of work for weeks on end. My job does offer short term disability but it only kicks in after 30 days (so that would be 30 days without pay) and then only covers 60% of your salary. Call me crazy but that’s a lot of money! I relate to this video because the thought of having 9  months to prepare for a baby and potentially save the roughly $3,500 dollars I will be losing is enough to give make me break out in hives and run for the hills. It is making families start out in the negatives which is setting us up for failure. (Then there is the cost of daycare…don’t get me started). If the law does not change, the only solution I can think of is some sort of online part time work to supplement the loss of income. It is sad that we are driven to these types of decisions. C’mon America, get your shit together.



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