Valentine’s Ideas

So my man friend and I are a bit unconventional at times (most of the time). His birthday is before Christmas and mine is after. By the time Valentine’s day rolls around, we are usually all gift-ed out. We like to keep it simple. Here are some of the simple ways we have shown our love:

  1. We are really big on cards. We always try to pick out ones that are specific to our relationship. He does this more so than me, because then he doesn’t have to write as much.
  2. We sometimes just buy each other our favorite candy. There have been years where we both just exchange a card and a box of candy. It just shows that we pay attention and know what makes the other smile.
  3. Again, being unconventional, we sometimes find it romantic to buy the little things that the other likes but doesn’t always think to buy. It isn’t always the most romantic gift, but we always open them up and are super excited!. For him, this includes: His favorite Nike Socks, a new water bottle for the gym, a gift card to his barber, his favorite lip balm, new headphones, etc.
  4. Last year we split the date and each planned half of it. He was in charge of dinner and I was in charge of picking something to do after. Neither one of us told where we were going which made it exciting.

So I guess if you asked, I would say that Valentine’s day isn’t that big of a deal to me. If I am being honest though, I quite enjoy Valentine’s day for the simple fact that we don’t make it about big showy gifts. We don’t go over the top and we don’t spend an extravagant amount of money. It really is about the two of us. It is almost a regular day with just a bit more love thrown in the mix. How do you all celebrate Valentine’s day? Any fun date ideas?


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