This Old House

As a thirty something, I thought owning a house was the greatest thing ever! I still do in fact. I love decorating on a budget and I love that I can paint the walls and hang pictures whenever I like. It makes it feel cozier. I own a small little row-home which is perfect for me. Being a home-owner is a big responsibility and a lot of work. It also costs a lot of money and I have to do it on a teacher budget (yikes!). Here is my latest home owner tales of woe.

When I moved in, a big selling point was that all the flooring was new (which included very expensive berber carpet). This was fine and lovely until my pet’s nails began to tug at the loops. Then I had runs in the carpet. I was vacuuming the other night when a loop got stuck in the vacuum. This caused a huge 6 foot run in it! As I was researching the pros/cons and COST of new carpet or new hardwood flooring, one of my friends asked how old my home is. It was built approximately 1950. My friend said to check what is underneath because a lot of the older homes in my area have beautiful hardwood flooring. I was hooked. I lifted the corner of my rug to discover…


Now the hard part. Ripping up carpet sounds super easy. It isn’t. I have learned a lot through this experience. There are a lot of staples…A LOT! And they are itty bitty staples that are difficult to pull out. You can buy a tool for about $6 to assist with this.

I also used a hammer to pull out nails, a razor blade to cut pieces of carpet, pliers to pull out nails and staples in the corners of walls, and a knife/flat head screwdriver to pry up the edges.

Something else I didn’t think about is ALL THE DUST! Vacuuming clearly is pointless as so much dust and hair is able to sink down under the carpet and padding. It is seriously disgusting. Have your vacuum ready to clean it all up.  I am doing it small sections until I have a break from school. I have started with the staircases and the upstairs landing. The entire living room will have to be saved for another weekend. (that is how big of a project this is. Do not expect to rip up an entire room in a weekend). I can’t wait to update you all on the progress and to post before/after pictures! Have you ever ripped up carpets/restored old hardwood floors? Any tips or advice?


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