All Things Hair

Let me begin by describing my hair to you. You’ve seen Lion King right? All jokes aside, my hair is part wavy, part curly and part straight. It also gets frizzy pretty easily. My hair is also really backwards. My scalp gets greasy in the winter and super dry in the summer. It also gets curlier the longer it gets (absolutely backwards). I also am super lazy so I rarely wash my hair and also get ombre/bayalage highlights so I can ignore it for awhile. That being said my ends are usually much drier than the rest of my hair. I recently tried the new Loreal Extraordinary Clay Mask, Shampoo and Conditioner. It promises to clean your scalp without leaving the rest of your hair dry. I usually do not buy into all the false promises that advertisements throw about. When I write about something it must be a game changer. I tried it yesterday and got THREE compliments on my hair. It cleaned it while also moisturizing it. My hair had volume and shine without being weighed down. I have never seen my hair look this way and am truly excited to keep using it! It must only get better with repeated use. The clay mask is like something you would put on your face to clean your pores. It is very thick and smells like clay. You are supposed to tub it into your scalp and let it sit for 5 minutes. I rubbed it into the palms of my hands and then smoothed it  on. The shampoo seemed like regular shampoo. The conditioner felt like it had a lot of oils in it. I immediately felt a different when I put it on the ends of my hair. I typically use hair oil and wavy sea salt balm after the shower but this stuff made it feel like I didn’t even need much, if any hair product. I am curious if I will be able to ditch the product if I continue using this. I will definitely keep you updated! If you are looking for something new or are suffering from dry winter hair, go try it!


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