I’ve been bit by the LuLaRoe bug. It started with one pair of leggings. Then, there were a few more. Then I just had to try an Irma. That was just ok. Then, i was convinced to buy the Carly. I need an intervention. If you don’t know, LuLaRoe is a clothes brand that is sold by independent consultants. They are all over social media and hold online parties and sales. The patterns are typically very unique and if you see one you like, you just have to scoop it up because you never know when you will come across that pattern again. When girls are on the hunt for a  certain pattern, they refer to it as a unicorn. The part that sucks you in is the online contests and raffles. People give away free products if you like their group. Well now I am in about 300 online groups and all I see is clothes when I sign into my social media. Every time I tell myself I am done, I see one and fall in love. The reason the clothes are so addictive is because they are made out of extremely soft, stretchy materials that are universally flattering. They also offer a huge array of plus size options at no additional cost. The dresses/shirts can be knotted, belted, etc. to create a slimmer silhouette. They also have a range of clothes that can be paired together (many tops, leggings, skirts, cardigans, etc.) They are meant to be mixed and matched to create a huge wardrobe. It is basically amazing. Can anyone recommend a support group?


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